Currently there are 57 artists and their families who are self supported by the crafts they produce in unicen with Machilla Magic.  All the tools, material and training is supplied to assist the artisans in developing the skills needed.  Guidance is given on designs and ideas to enable them to expand their creative abilities. 

The majority of the artisans are living within the Bazaruto Archipelago area, however there are others that have joined the Machilla Magic family from as far as Pemba and Maputo.  Many of the artisans are traditionally from a farming or fishing background.

The artisans range from carpenters, masonries, weavers, welders, sewers and carvers.  Some of these artisans are dealing with special needs such as physical dissabilities and HIV.  With the crafts they create they are able to contribute to the family income and work within their home environment. 

Machilla Magic garuantees a market for the crafts that the artists produce, and follow a fairtrade system of payment.
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